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Medial EarlySign develops clinical decision support solutions for healthcare providers that add an artificial intelligence (AI) brain to facilitate proactive, outcome-focused care opportunities for patients at high risk for particular medical conditions within a designated time frame. Our platform utilizes cognitive machine learning and advanced algorithms that expose hidden layers of information in standard EHR data, and across thousands of parameters and interrelationships.


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Medial EarlySign is at the forefront of transforming clinical laboratories from processing samples and providing accurate lab results, into providing clinical decision support to aid in early diagnosis, personalized intervention, and better disease monitoring. Our Laboratory Information System (LIS) solutions apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and patients’ lab histories to be used as clinical support tools that enable personalized interpretations of clinical laboratory results.

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Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions can deliver data-driven, disease-specific predictions that lead to targeted, cost-effective management of patient populations and sub-populations at high risk for particular illnesses. Using partner data together with our AlgoAnalyzer™, AlgoMarker™, and know-how, we enable our customers to build and tailor machine learning-based solutions to identify patients early who are at elevated risk for life-altering medical outcomes.

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