Our Mission

  Impact medicine through the development of machine learning based AI framework and tools that can bring to light extraordinary clinical insights that lie "hidden" within existing medical data

Ordinary Data, Extraordinary Insights

Medial EarlySign offers a unique, algorithm-powered toolset to provide practitioners with clinical decision-support tools and driving a new generation of population health solutions. Using a combination of EHR data, we are developing a suite of solutions for healthcare organizations that aid in the early detection of cancers, metabolic and chronic diseases, delivering better and more accurate treatments in everyday, medical care. Our goal is to make these insights accessible to all stakeholders including healthcare organizations, doctors, and eventually patients. We believe that our technology is setting a new standard in data-driven healthcare, one that will ultimately enhance the practice of modern medicine.

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On the Intersection of Big Data & Healthcare

Integrating cutting edge machine learning science with clinical expertise

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Clinical Research

Validated on nearly 1 million patients, and ongoing clinical studies with over 20 million patients in 14 leading institutions around the world

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A machine learning based, data-driven decision support software tool, ColonFlag identifies a subset of the population with a high probability for harboring colorectal cancer (CRC) by analyzing only conventional blood test results, age and sex. ColonFlag can make these identifications often months before clinical signs are present, and enabling healthcare organizations to reach out to individuals who are not up to date with their CRC screening.
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