Who is EarlySign?

Founded in 2013

Medial EarlySign is the brainchild of three pioneers who decided to use advanced mathematical algorithms and machine learning technology to help advance healthcare delivery. They tapped into billions of routine EHR data points to try and aid in detecting patterns that indicate early signs of elevated-risk trajectories for high-burden illnesses and chronic medical conditions.

Our work

Since its founding, Medial EarlySign’s mission has remained the same. Collectively, our data scientists, algorithm engineers, physicians, statisticians, and researchers are focused on finding extraordinary clinical insights inside billions of ordinary EHR databases.


Creating opportunities

Medial EarlySign’s healthcare solutions enable providers, clinical labs, and life science companies to identify patients at high risk for potentially debilitating medical conditions and chronic diseases. This creates timely intervention opportunities for healthcare systems to help patients to potentially prevent or delay illness.


We help healthcare organizations manage risk with proven data science and a guided approach to simplify the complex. Our expert staff of researchers, physicians, data scientists, healthcare IT executives, and developers work together to solve real healthcare challenges with applied data science.

Our Mission

Massively Impact Human Health
Empower Healthcare to Keep People Healthier for Longer

What makes us different

A history of quality, validated clinical risk predictors, peer-reviewed studies, focus on patient care, prioritizing clinical workflow, and rapid, low-touch IT implementation

Putting patients first

At the heart of our technology is a proprietary machine-learning toolset that we custom built to work with large-scale medical databases.

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The Power of Partnership

Relentlessly focusing on partnership and client success.

Are you looking to solve high-burden disease challenges?