Who we serve

Moving patients from sick care to health care.

Solutions for organizations

Medial EarlySign develops machine learning-based solutions for healthcare organizations that facilitate proactive, outcome-focused care opportunities for patients at high risk for medical conditions within a designated time frame.

Our clients and intended development partners include:

Healthcare and Provider Systems

Outcome-focused clinical insights for patient care, driven by machine learning.

Clinical Labs

Highly reliable lab data to meet the needs of clinicians and providing information to aid in the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease.

Precise patient specific insights

Life Sciences

Flag eligible populations for clinical trials. Identify cohorts for therapeutic efforts

A powerful, flexible solution

EarlySign has the same objective that you do; speeding the process and more accurately providing for early detection of high-burden diseases. Utilizing our algorithm-powered suite of AlgoMarkers, healthcare organizations can successfully optimize routine clinical, EHR and lab data into actionable clinical insights.
EarlySign customizes its suite of machine-learning solutions to help you identify individuals who are at a higher risk of developing high-burden illness. With AI-powered solutions to transform the analytical review process, resources are optimized; patient outreach becomes more focused and personalized; decision-making and treatment are more efficient; and implementation is more strategic.
The Result:  Potentially delaying or preventing an illness…or even saving lives.

Key features & benefits

Are you looking to solve high-burden disease challenges?