What Makes Us Different?

Building trust between patients and healthcare

A history of quality and validated studies

In practice, successfully deploying and using a clinically-oriented machine learning solution demands a set of validated algorithms that lead to intervention strategies and actionable tactics. Flagging and stratifying those at risk from a designated patient population is only impactful if it leads to bringing those patients in for further evaluation or treatment. Failure to do so is little more than another measure or report on the shelf.

From our 2013 beginning in this embryonic industry, EarlySign has been careful to only release solutions that have been rigorously tested and clinically reviewed. Our data scientists, mathematicians, and computer engineers developed a cost-effective, user-friendly machine learning platform accessible to clinical and patient care staff that is capable of spotting unique patterns and trends within ordinary health data. These patterns may help physicians identify health risks in patients that could lead to improvement in the healthcare system as well as personalized, timely medical care – a shift that can ultimately enrich the physician-patient relationship, and the way medicine is practiced today.

The EarlySign Difference

Validated clinical risk predictors

EarlySign's validated clinical risk predictors are rooted in deep expertise in Machine Learning and provides clients the ability to identify early opportunities for prevention, intervention, and enhanced care management of high-burden, prevalent diseases. Utilizing EarlySign AlgoMarkers, client results may include lower cost of care and improved health of populations.

A focus on patient care

At EarlySign, we understand that any new implementation must ultimately address improvements in patient care to succeed. We establish long-term relationships with our clients by building in a strong respect for established clinical workflow, deploying with minimal disruption, and adding greater value for every dollar invested. Our world-class client services team has the experience and know-how to provide the right insight and technical modules that help create a seamless integration into the workflow.

We walk the workflow

Our world-class Client Services team understands the challenges our partners face before solutions are proposed. We understand the energy required to deploy even the most reliable and tested solutions. That is why we bring knowledgeable team members who are ready to intercede quickly and address client concerns before they happen.

Fast, easy implementation

Our IT footprint is small, enabling a low-touch integration with client IT systems that can often be completed in weeks.

The result

Ultimately, we share our clients’ commitment to a critical transformation in medicine from reactive to proactive care. Doctors, providers, and payers will be better positioned to care for their patients’ needs with the tools helping their efforts to delay or prevent the onset of high-burden diseases/conditions. Consequently, patients will benefit from timely and personalized treatment to improve outcomes and potentially improve increase life quality and expectancy.

Are you looking to solve high-burden disease challenges?