The EarlySign Advantage

A high-impact, low-risk investment

EarlySign delivers big impact with a small effort by you and your team. You’ll quickly discover an EarlySign implementation won’t require years and multiple millions just to get off the ground.  In fact, the necessary investment is a fraction of what you might have anticipated, with a high-value rate of return after considering both the short- and long-term payoffs in cost savings and patient care efficiencies.

Additional advantages include:

EarlySign deploys a panel of clinical and technical specialists with deep experience in the workflows that are vital to efficiency in patient care.

Our goals are simple:

Relentless Focus on Client Service

Every member of the EarlySign team goes through rigorous training to build a single-minded dedication to improving the values we deliver; providing essential services and support; and addressing strategies for better integrating machine learning technology into established clinical workflows.

We then bring this commitment and focus to bear on your specific clinical needs to develop a customized answer to the healthcare challenges facing your patients and your organization.

Light IT footprint

Whether cloud-based or on-premise, EarlySign AlgoMarkers require minimal input from IT to deliver results quickly, efficiently, and accurately.  The process is made even more efficient as our AlgoMarkers are validated before the implementation process begins.

Rapid cycle time

With a typical milestone map of under four months from kick-off to go-live, EarlySign begins returning results much faster than other machine learning solutions.  This helps explain why one client referred to us as “An ML solution as close to Plug-and-Play as one can get.”

Commitment to Health

Regardless of your location, size, or the number of health plan members in your system or ACO, EarlySign has the solution to engage patients under your care, aiding in your efforts to keep them healthier longer. We’ll share your commitment to innovation, deliver the excellence you demand, and provide an unrivaled level of value-added service, support and technology in a way that makes sense for your business and your patient community.

Are you looking to solve high-burden disease challenges?