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Beginning in 2013, EarlySign has emerged as the leader in developing machine learning-based healthcare solutions to aid in early identification of high burden disease. Using artificial intelligence algorithms in a machine learning environment, our suite of predictive solutions encourages and supports our clients’ quest for more active, personalized, outcome-focused care scenarios.
The Result:  Medical conditions of high-risk patients are addressed earlier and with greater personalization. Outreach resources are used more efficiently and effectively.

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A technology platform for focused outreach and to aid in early detection of high-burden diseases.

Clinical labs

Faster, more informed, higher quality decisions, adding value to your high-quality results.


Identify early signs of disease and stratify patients for risk of high-burden diseases.

Life sciences

Condition-specific clinical models for subpopulations with higher probabilities, personalized intervention efficiency, and predictive factors in treatment or adverse events.

Custom solutions

Disease-specific risk models that anticipate clinical outcome with high confidence.

Recognizing the need to view patients holistically, EarlySign’s team created a series of advanced algorithms to expose hidden layers of information in standard clinical, lab and demographic data, simultaneously and repeatedly crisscrossing thousands of parameters and interrelationships.
We quickly saw the potential for earlier detection and prevention of high-burden illness and chronic diseases. Our medical partners began using personalized risk identification and care management strategies to flag patients on high-risk trajectories. Evaluations were ordered sooner, creating focused early intervention opportunities for physicians and care teams.

Data drives the network

Working in partnership with our healthcare clients to deliver data-driven, disease-specific predictions, we can support targeted cost-effective outreach and engagement of patient populations and sub-populations at high risk for certain illnesses.

Moving forward

Today, we support our clients and partners with technology, solutions and services that maximize insights gained from existing data.   We are moving medicine from reactive to proactive care. Machine learning-based applications will predict and help prevent disease on a more personal level, rather than merely reacting to symptoms. Providers and payers will be better positioned to care for their patients’ needs with the tools to delay or prevent the onset of life-threatening conditions. Ultimately, patients will benefit from timely and personalized treatment to improve outcomes and potentially prolong life.

Taking that next step

Whether you’re a Healthcare Provider or a Life Science Organization, Payer or Clinical Laboratory, our solutions are being deployed with less time, technology, and investment than anyone expected.

Because whatever your medical challenges are,
EarlySign has the solution.

The EarlySign Advantage

EarlySign delivers healthcare clients big impact with a low-risk investment and small effort by you and your teams.

Clinical Domains

Our outcome-focused AlgoMarker™ software solutions find subtle, early signs of high-risk patient trajectories for high-burden diseases and chronic conditions. EarlySign's AlgoMarkers do this using existing lab results and ordinary EHR data already collected in the course of routine care.

Walking the Workflow

Even the greatest algorithms are of little value unless they can quickly become actionable. We work closely with clients to understand their clinical workflows, enabling them to timely identify and intervene with at-risk patients to prevent or delay the onset of specific diseases.

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