Putting Patients First

Building trust between patients and healthcare

Patient experience of care

Every day, issues like politics, climate change, and the rising cost of health care are increasing stress levels across our society.

Hence the need for building trust in essential relationships between people and institutions has never been more important. For many people, the most trusted relationship in their lives is the one they share with their doctor.

EarlySign strengthens that relationship

Studies continually show that, in terms of efficacy, the doctor–patient alliance has a statistically significant impact on healthcare outcomes. Patients must have confidence in their physician’s commitment to their care and overall health. They also expect that along with the personal commitment from their doctor, their health system demonstrates an equal commitment to quality outcomes and to the patient experience of care.

We approach each assignment with a single objective: helping our clients deliver better patient care by identifying individuals at risk of high burden disease who might benefit from the earlier detection of deterioration trajectories. EarlySign’s ability to flag patients at elevated risk for conditions, even before they may appear symptomatic, reinforces that patient’s belief that trusting your organization was the right decision.

That belief can help reduce stress for the patient and their family, while helping you build trust for life.

We are committed to helping improve the quality of the patient–physician relationship by expanding ways the care teams can proactively engage with their patient community.  Let us show you how to access strategies for better health care.

Are you looking to solve high-burden disease challenges?