What’s Next; What Matters—Back2Care.

What if you could use existing, standard lab and EHR data to identify individuals and populations who would benefit most from expedited care? As your partner for clinical insights, you can quickly leverage EarlySign’s AI expertise to optimize routine care, prioritize high risk patients, and re-engage populations.

Delivering compelling clinical and economic value – with speed and deep expertise – health care organizations can benefit from these packaged AI-powered clinical data solutions:

Infectious Disease Bundle

Prepare for a potential surge in COVID-19 cases as well as moderate to severe flu related complications

Admissions Bundle

Maximize savings by clearly understanding which patients are at greatest risk for readmissions and HAC’s while avoiding the costliest episodes

Early Detection Bundle

Prioritize and target interventions for patients at high risk for high burden disease with cost effective clinical data solutions

A Shared Mission.

When disruptions occur that knock us down, we admire those who get back up, dust off, and get back to work. In doing so, we get back to basics and leverage our training, tools, commitment to quality and excellence. Now, it’s time to get Back2Care. This is not to say that our passion for helping patients get better has ever left—in fact it has never been more clearly on display—but now it’s urgent that we get high-priority patients back into the care workflow. While the continued resilience of health systems will be tested, we remain driven to work across the continuum to get Back2Care.

Diabetes + Complications Bundle

Activate and engage patients at high risk for diabetes, diabetes progression, and other serious complications with precision analytics

Learn the impact Back2Care can have in your facility.


Return to Care

Identify patients in need of routine care; prioritize patients at highest risk; optimize care delivery

Smart data

Simplify and automate data modeling to speed better decisions and higher efficiency

Patient-Centered Health

Rely on real-time predictive insights to speed patients “Back2Care”

Extract new value from EHR data

Maximize existing data with clinical evidence backed insights wherever patient decisions are made and harvest the benefits of machine learning technology


Every EarlySign AlgoMarker undergoes rigorous clinical data studies, validating and safeguarding their performance and reliability

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