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Outcome-focused clinical insights for patient care, driven by machine learning

Outcome-focused clinical insights for patient care, driven by machine learning.

EarlySign’s integrated platform of machine learning-based clinical solutions helps identify patients at high risk, helping healthcare systems prevent or delay disease progression. Leveraging clinical data to indicate risk for high burden diseases, healthcare organizations can enhance efforts for early detection and improve patients’ prognoses and treatment options.
Our strategy is simple. Our proprietary technology analyzes EHR, laboratory, and other clinical data to uncover subtle signs and decode signals that are often overlooked.

The actionable personalized insights that emanate from EarlySign can help physicians, care managers, and other clinicians identify patient health risks in their formative stages. This gives clinicians an additional way to analyze clinical factors to flag a patient with potential for developing or having a high-burden disease or other medical condition. With EarlySign, health systems are better positioned to address those high-risk healthcare trajectories and find opportunities for early intervention.

The result: With outreach efforts yielding better results, healthcare systems become more efficient and capable of providing individualized, timely medical treatments, as well as potentially better outcomes for everyone involved.


Smart data

Smarter data to help better decisions and higher efficiency

Proactive Intervention

Helping hospitals reduce targeted illnesses, reduce the cost of care, and drive patient impact

Patient-Centered Health

Providing patient-level predictive information, real-time, and at the point of care with technology that provides immediate value.

Extract new value from EHR data

Delivering clinical evidence backed insights wherever patient decisions are made, and harvest the benefits of machine learning technology in a practical and non-disruptive manner


Every EarlySign AlgoMarker undergoes rigorous clinical data studies, validating and safeguarding their performance and reliability.

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