Custom Solutions

Regardless of the clinical, research, or patient care strategy, EarlySign can provide a fast, cost-effective clinically-validated solution.

Address your specific healthcare challenges

With deep experience across the continuum of care, deep understanding of clinical need, deep modeling expertise and EarlySign’s unique machine learning platform we can work with you to address specific healthcare challenges that are of interest and value to you. Our team has infrastructure and the ability to craft disease- and condition-specific models that can anticipate certain clinical outcomes with a high degree of confidence and measures to avoid overfitting and biases. Our machine learning framework is highly optimized for speed and can process enormous amounts of data fast and without consuming enormous computing power.

If there are signals in the data, our team of accomplished data scientists and engineers will work with you to optimize the platform and crystallize maximum results for our clients.

Designed to handle large universes of often overlooked or cumbersome medical data (EHR, lab results, demographic profiles), the EarlySign platform will review queries at speeds significantly faster than traditional tools. More important, we combine extensive clinical background and experience working with clinical data to address clinical problems. Our rich tool set is architected to be highly efficient in creating high-performance models for maximum accuracy.

Are you looking to solve high-burden disease challenges?