Yaron Kinar - Chief Scientific Officer, Medial EarlySign

Yaron Kinar, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

A seasoned algorithm expert, Yaron was previously a Research and Algorithm Developer at Compugen, where he engaged in the development and implementation of algorithms for drug discovery from biological data, and in statistical methods and machine learning algorithms. Yaron served in Israel’s elite mathematics-oriented unit in the Military Intelligence (“Haman-Talpiot”) for five years.

Yaron handled the development and implementation of tools assessing the performance, knowledge and capabilities of elementary school students using Learning Management Systems, within the “Time to Know” program. He published several papers in professional publications, including Nuclear Physics.

Yaron won a TAU Dotan scholarship for academic excellence. In addition to holding a variety of medical technology patents, he was awarded a Ph.D in theoretical Physics, with a thesis titled “Aspects of String Theory and Gauge Theories”, and a Bs.C (Cum Laude) in Mathematics and Physics from Tel Aviv University.

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