Machine Learning Can Help Win the Worldwide Battle of Diabetes Detection

Diabetes machine learning

Left unchecked, the diabetes epidemic will continue to be a leading burden on healthcare systems. More than just cost, overstretched clinical resources, and the impact of absenteeism in the global workforce, some estimates indicate that at least $825 billion is spent globally trying to combat this disease.1 Tragically, diabetes is responsible for approximately five million […]

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March: Colorectal Cancer awareness and screening

It is the 1974 AFC Championship game between Terry Bradshaw’s Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders.  It’s the 4th quarter, and in front of just over 50,000 screaming fans, Bradshaw hurls a pass to Lynn Swann for a touchdown to seal the game and the AFC Championship for the Steelers 1. Bradshaw is lucky, not […]