How Healthcare AI/MI can Augment Care Delivery

EarlySign's Ori Geva at HLTH19

At HLTH19, Medial EarlySign’s Ori Geva, co-founder and President of Commercial Strategy, explained how healthcare AI and machine learning solutions can aid physicians with their care delivery. Geva shows how EarlySign’s validated predictive ML and AI-based healthcare models leverage existing, routine health records in order to provide insights that could augment care delivery for high-burden […]

Machine Learning Can Help Win the Worldwide Battle of Diabetes Detection

Diabetes machine learning

Left unchecked, the diabetes epidemic will continue to be a leading burden on healthcare systems. More than just cost, overstretched clinical resources, and the impact of absenteeism in the global workforce, some estimates indicate that at least $825 billion is spent globally trying to combat this disease.1 Tragically, diabetes is responsible for approximately five million […]

Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence

Making sense of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Self-driving cars, voice powered digital assistants, and even the latest driver designed by Calloway Golf—what do these and a myriad of other items have in common? The claim that they are built using some type of artificial intelligence (AI). With the ubiquity of claims related to AI and machine learning, it can be hard to […]

AI and the Hippocratic Oath: A Physician’s Perspective

AI Hippocratic Oath - a physician's perspective

Like the majority of my colleagues, I recited a version of the Hippocratic Oath early in my medical education.  Though not all versions of the Oath are the same, some themes are consistent.  Primum Non-Nocere – First Do No Harm – is perhaps the best known of these.   At the individual patient level, interpretation is […]

5 Ways AI Helps Your Doctor Help Patients Like You

5 Ways AI helps doctors help patients

Doctors, data scientists, computer geeks, and patients often talk about AI when they discuss healthcare technology today. They want to know how to make sense of massive electronic health records (EHR—also known as electronic medical records, or EMR) and related data to improve health. For patients, however, the word AI can still make them feel […]

8 rules for implementing AI in clinical practice

8 rules for AI clinical practice

New insights, derived from masses of medical data and coupled with AI-based technologies that can make sense of it, are supposed to make us all healthier.   Yet, despite all the claims about the potential of AI and the billions of dollars invested to date, the revolution we’ve been waiting for has not yet arrived. […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Messy: Why Healthcare AI Needs Clean Data

Clean data for healthcare AI

Let’s face it: medical records are a mess! Healthcare data comes in so many different formats, it almost looks like Jackson Pollack splattered EMR and EHR on a painting canvas. Images, lab tests, doctors’ scribbled notes, diagnostic and treatment codes, drugs, dosages, and text summaries are just some of the ingredients that make machine learning […]

Theresa May on Healthcare AI: a Crown Jewel for Preventative Care

Theresa May - AI Healthcare in the UK

UK Prime Minister Theresa May recently announced that the UK will use artificial intelligence (AI), together with NHS’s massive set of electronic health records (EHR) “to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia by 2030.”