AlgoAnalyzer™ is an operating system which serves as a hosting environment for various healthcare calculators, including AlgoMarkers™, Medial EarlySign’s patient risk scoring solutions.

AlgoAnalyzer™ Platform

Medial EarlySign’s AlgoAnalyzer™ is a server-side software platform for running various healthcare calculators, including patient-specific algorithmic and predictive models called AlgoMarkers™. It enables integration into existing healthcare IT ecosystems for physicians, care teams, and population health managers. AlgoAnalyzer™ enables rapid extraction and secure communication of EHR and lab data between a healthcare provider’s IT and our AlgoMarker™ clinical risk predictors or third-party calculators.


Simple And Fast Implementation Process

Easy implementation into healthcare IT systems

Runs validated clinical risk predictors

AlgoAnalyzer is able to run validated AlgoMarker™ clinical risk prediction models to identify patients at high risk for specific conditions.


Your EHR or other data source easily integrates with AlgoAnalyzer risk score processing. This includes clinical data warehouse (CDW), point of care (EHR), and laboratory information systems (LIS).


Real-time results for patient consults, or batch processing for care mangers or population health managers


Clinically implemented and in use at leading healthcare organizations in the U.S., Israel, and Europe.

Workflow integration

Efficiently integrates into existing clinical workflows and care routines.


Supports new, plug-and-play AlgoMarker™ clinical risk predictors as they are introduced, as well as other third-party calculators.

And more

Medial EarlySign provides a suite of AI-based solutions that use only routine and readily available clinical data to aid in the early detection and optimization of care of life-altering medical conditions.

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