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EarlySign technology identifies ‘rising risk’ individuals of the population who are most likely to become tomorrow’s high burden patients. The goal is to flag these patients in time to enable healthcare providers to undertake preventative action. This 5% of the population ultimately accounts for 50% of healthcare costs.

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Prediabetes to Diabetes Progression

Medial EarlySign is doing clinical data research to predict and flag prediabetic patients at high risk for becoming diabetic within a specified timeframe where early care could make a difference.

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Diabetic Nephropathy

Medial EarlySign is developing a machine learning-based algorithms that can predict and flag diabetic subpopulations at high risk for developing diabetic nephropathy and CKD.

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Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

Medial EarlySign has developed machine learning-based algorithms that can flag individuals who are at high risk for lower GI disorders like colorectal cancer (CRC) by analyzing EHR data.

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Ongoing clinical data studies including over 20 million patients in 14 sites worldwide.

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Partner with Us

Our mission of surfacing hidden insights to improve healthcare is augmented by partnerships with leading global institutes. Our partners take part in the exciting transition to data-driven healthcare, and co-authors of our primary research, they enjoy close access to the research process, becoming key players in the development process.

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