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Who We Are

Ordinary Data, Extraordinary Insights

Founded in 2009, Medial EarlySign is the brainchild of three pioneers who sought to apply advanced mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence technology to detect early warning signals and health risks in simple medical data across billions of dormant medical records, spanning decades of information. Adapting a technology initially implemented on algorithmic trading platforms, the technology experts behind Medial EarlySign applied world-leading cognitive, mathematical principles to expose hidden patterns – what we call the ‘blind spots’ in ordinary EHR data.  By exposing these hidden signs, Medial EarlySign helps practitioners and healthcare organizations to identify critical threats, leading to potentially life-changing diagnoses for millions of patients every single day.



Leveraging our predictive algorithmic engines (AlgoMarkersTM), we work in collaboration with leading healthcare organizations to filter through millions of patient records amounting to decades of data, in order to deliver unmatched clinical rigor and algorithmic insights that empower medical professionals with proactive, predictive and personalized care capabilities.


At the heart of our technology is a proprietary machine-learning toolset that we custom built to work with large-scale medical databases.  The technology supports the entire life-cycle of AI-based, machine learning model creation with groundbreaking efficiency.   Our solutions indicate the likelihood of disease for high-risk populations and individuals, “red flagging” those at highest risk for a targeted outcome.


The unprecedented insights these ‘red flags’ offer is a clear indication of the potential to offer smarter, time-sensitive and more accurate solutions – with a chance to transform probability into life-saving opportunity. Our achievements thus far are an ‘early sign’ of what is to come for the future of healthcare.